With Shiva Audio Devices you manage to get that extra edge you need for any type of guitar and any type of playing. And all Made in Italy! I am proud to be part of this great family, the Aureal verb is a key element of my gear in all situations and is the best reverb I've ever tried! Thomas Libero
testimonials_avatar Shiva Audio Devices is a company which takes up the name of Made in Italy in professional audio for guitar and bass. It was born a close collaboration with Luca united by mutual respect, all led to the development of new ideas and projects. Marco Barberini
testimonials_avatar I have owned an original Dytronics CS-5 for many years so I know how a tri stereo chorus is supposed to sound (and feel!). And let me tell you, The Wave is spot on! It really is uncanny how close it sounds to the original, and since it's newly manufactured the reliability and consistency is great. If you've been looking for a faithful recreation of the classic Tri Stereo Chorus sound, then look no further! Kristian Larsen
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