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Alkemy Overdrive is born from the need to offer a complete and compact drive and clean boost section. Ideal for use both on a clean stand-alone platform or as a complement to the crunch / lead channel of your amplifier.

VOLUME: output volume control.
GAIN: gain control.
TONE: passive tone control.
BOOST: volume of boost side.
CLEAN BOOST: Independent boost up to +20dB, can be activated individually.
MODE: it allows you to change the routing of the signal by placing clean boost before (pre) or after (post) the drive section.
CLIP: defines the type of diode clipping to use. Moving the switch to hard you will get a more compact and defined distortion, while in soft mode, the pedal behavior reminds more the approach of a tube amplifier, providing a sound with more headroom and richness.
VOICE: You can change the personality of the drive section. In fat mode, the sound is full-bodied and bloated with that accent in the fundamental mids to jump out of the mix. In normal mode it will give emphasis to the medium to high frequencies typical of plexi-style sound.
REMOTE: Contact Tip-Sleeve permanent for remote bypass.

Power supply: ONLY 9v DC / 50mA

Price: 240 €  200€ (special launch offer until July 30th)


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