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Custom Works

This page show photos about some works done over last years for various customers. Our laboratory is able to offer customized solutions tailored to each specific request and wiring. We can offer from the smallest to the biggest rig, pedalboard or rack. Finally you can be followed at any step in your setup. Our services are:

- Wiring pedalboards of any size with custom 18mm forex/wood/forex board provided by us, including aluminum edges and handles;
– Wiring rack of any size;
– Building custom devices (splitters, mixers, switches, routing boxes, feeders, box with isolation transformers, etc.);
– Building interfaces with any connector (audio, XRL, PowerCon, voltage, midi, etc.);
– Using the finest quality materials (Mogami/Sommer cables, Neutrick/Rean connectors, etc.).
– Low noise and high quality always guaranteed.


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