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8f685f_47b7000d0c1147578fed0147e92c6add.jpg_srz_p_413_225_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzMore than 20 years after the production of the legendary CS-5 ended, and after many uncountable attempts to recreate its sound, Shiva Custom Audio is proud to present The Wave, the only real chorus capable of analog morphing among 6 different wave forms and 3 different and completely independent delay lines. The only chorus that can reproduce that sound long since lost. At the beginning of the 80s, Chuck Monte, who produced and repaired Fender Rhodes electric pianos, started to install some choruses (Boss CE2) into these instruments in order to 8f685f_674b13d775b64b99a93f3081273a6d27.jpg_srz_p_413_216_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzobtain a pleasing modulation effect. After several changes, he decided to create a professional top-quality device directed at recording studios. The result was what now is still considered to be the most legendary analog processor of all time: the Tri Stereo Chorus. Since then, some of the greatest guitarists of those years, influenced by that kind of sound, began to use it, and it was then that the pure magic of the chorus was engraved in the most famous hits of that decade. You can listen to and appreciate the extraordinary sound of the Tri Stereo Chorus in artists like Richard Marx, Boz Scaggs, Helen Watson, Steve Lukather, Dann Huff and many others. But probably the most emblematic record is considered to be Tales from the Bulge by Michael Landau, where you can really savor what a true analog chorus is.Unfortunately, those over processed clean sounds, that texture, those details and that intensity of the Tri Stero Chorus have never been recreated again. Our incredible love towards this device pushed us to study it intensely to uncover its 30-years-old secrets, and after 3 years, thousands of attempts, more than 20 prototypes, we have finally got to The Wave – True Analog MultiChorus. With this device, Shiva wants to offer the most accurate reproduction of the original CS-5 in every little detail. Currently, The Wave is the only totally analog chorus, based on the bucked-brigade-delay technology, with 6 different but combinable wave forms and 3 totally independent delay lines.

There’s nothing like The Wave, and we are proud to produce it.


The Wave is an incredibly complex and detailed effect, but it needs few controls:

INPUT PAD: -12dB pad to use the device with both low signals (-20Dbu) and line signals (+4Dbu).
BYPASS: it bypasses the effect totally.
MONO/STEREO MODE: it collapses the stereo image to enable the use in mono.
LFO MODE: it allows you to choose between 2 totally independent modulation options.
PRESET” mode activates 3 sinusoidal waves – the user cannot modify them.
MANUAL” mode activates 3 more wave forms, which the user can modify thanks to the controls listed below. Both these modes can be activated simultaneously.
INTENSITY (x3): the heart of the effect. These 3 potentiometers will enable you to control the wave forms of each oscillator (MANUAL mode).
RATE: it regulates the speed of the oscillator, only one potentiometer for the 3 delay lines.

But the exact reproduction of the device has even more to offer. Each one of the 3 choruses is panned in precise positions, clearly related to the use of the stereo outputs. Besides, the little differences among the 3 delay lines result in a unique texture that no one has ever managed to recreate up until now. Finally, the signal inside track has been reproduced accurately in order to obtain a sound which is wholly identical to the original chorus.

No compromise, no digital component, 100% of the 80s analog sound.

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Price: 1000€ (exc. VAT)

NOTA: The Wave was also mentioned in the web page of one of the world’s most popular audio programmers, as well as the programmer of algorithms of Eventide H8000, Italo DeAngelis: LINK DEANGELIS WEBPAGE