We're happy to announce the brand new name of our company, now we are
RedSeven Amplification. Our main goal is to offer the best quality guitar products out there but with even more experience if possible.
Everything Shiva A.D. branded will be serviced and followed from us as usual. Please visit our brand new web site and take a look at our amplifiers:
We would like to congratulate with all the clients, supporters and friends around the world for made "The Wave - True Analog Multichorus" sold out. Right now only "Lil'Wave - Dual Chorus/Vibrato" pedal is available.

Please contact us anytime here for inquiry: info@redseven-amplification.com Please visit www.redseven-amplification.com for all informations.
Follow us at facebook/redsevenamplification or instagram at redsevenamplification for stay in touch with us. 2019 will be a great year. Even possibly with another rack chorus involved (spoiler alert).